Share Accounts



Just $25 opens your share-savings account which qualifies you for a lifetime membership to NVCU. Dividends are declared and paid monthly on your daily balance.

Share Drafts – Checking Accounts

Debit cards can be set up to quickly and conveniently access your funds.

Certificates of Deposit – CD’s

Nishna Valley Credit Union offers a variety of time CD’s ranging from 6 to 60 months.

Individual Retirement Accounts – IRA’s

The credit union offers IRA’s which are a special savings plan authorized by the Federal government to help you accumulate funds for your retirement.

The credit union’s IRA’s are similar to regular shares in the way that dividends are calculated and paid, except that the dividend rate has traditionally been higher on IRA’s.

Health Savings Accounts

Contact your local NVCU to learn more about setting up your new HSA.